The Power of Making and Giving Back

Guest blogger George-ann F. Greth is an experienced and accomplished artist, glassblower, and educator and is wonderful at including all in the activity. She has taught glass blowing to beginner and highly advanced students for over twenty years. STEAM Junction has been fortunate to have her as a regular workshop holder. This is a tribute to her dear friend who has breast cancer and to Little Pink Houses of Hope. From their website, “Breast cancer can be a time of despair and isolation. Little Pink Houses of Hope breaks through those barriers with a unique, supportive environment.”

In loving each other it does not matter what you do together as long as you’re together.

My dear friend and glass blowing student Sarah Davies was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer several years ago. At that time she was the recipient of a 100% paid, all inclusive one week stay at Emerald Isle Beach thanks to Little Pink Houses of Hope. She continues to speak fondly of her family trip 3 years ago.

Recently Sarah went in for a biopsy and the cancer has now spread to her lungs.

Sarah and George together as Sarah is given her latest prognosis.

Eight families total were gifted the trip from Little Pink Houses of Hope who provided everything! All of the mothers were suffering with Metastatic breast cancer.  Sarah and her husband Matt Davies along with their 4 children; Taylor, Grace, Aden, and Sophie were just one of the eight families.

  • A Facebook page was created before the trip. Families got to chat before meeting in person at Emerald Isle.
  • A grocery list was asked from each family prior to arriving and everything was provided for them.
  • Beach time included umbrellas, drinks, snacks, boogie boards, kites, etc. All the families needed to do was show up!
  • “The town adopted us for a week.” said Sarah. With activities like knocker ball, bowling, bike rides, and a nature camp.

Sarah and Matt thought the kids would bail out on some of the activities but the kids did all of them including a family photo. A professional portrait by a studio photographer was taken and Sarah has said “It is the only one I have. No one would sit still before.”

Sarah and her family enjoy their stay at Emerald Isle thanks to Little Pink House of Hope

  • All 8 of the families ate dinner together as a group. Support was always felt and not always talked about. They also had a private dinner at the aquarium after hours.
  • Each individual family ate breakfast and lunch on their own providing quality time.
  • The Davies family traveled by boat to a private island and gathered shells. Which are on display in their home.

Little Pink Houses of Hope provides action packed memories for families who’s time together may be cut short because of illness. Quality time is given to these families by your support. This is an example of how someone far can help someone near.

Of the 8 families that went to Emerald Isle in 2015, sadly, 5 of the mothers with breast cancer have since passed.

— Sincerely, George-ann Greth

Glassblowing Fundraiser Workshop Info:

September workshop dates, 09/20/19 for hearts and 09/21/19 for sea shells.

George-ann will guide you through making a Heart and/or a Sea Shell during a glass blowing workshop at Steam Junction Makerspace in Burlington. Friday will be make Hearts and Saturday will be Sea Shells, in honor of Sarah. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Team Pauline, by our friend Pauline Rose Indaleco, with Little Pink Houses of Hope.

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