STEAM Junction Makerspace Grand Opening


Five years in the making.

Join us Saturday, October 15, 7-9pm for our grand opening ceremony, tours, and the continuation of our founding members signup, at the official opening of STEAM Junction, Burlington’s first Makerspace.

The Grand Opening will cap off Burlington’s Maker Takeover, a maker celebration in Downtown Burlington earlier in the day (12-5pm). More details on Burlington’s Maker Takeover can be found on the Meetup or Facebook event pages.

Hard work is paying off.

Here in Alamance County / Burlington, North Carolina, we have been working together around the Maker Movement as a community since the founding of Alamance Makers Guild in the summer of 2011. Since then one of our major goals has been to launch a Makerspace in our community as a home for the Makers Guild and as a creative hub for our community.

For the last five years we’ve worked to build a Maker Community and along the way we’ve done some amazing things… over 150 free and open public facing meetings with speakers and activities, five growing Burlington Mini Maker Faire events, participation and partnerships with local government, small business, our library system, our schools (public and private), Alamance Community College, Elon University, the Chamber of Commerce, small businesses, and six invitations to the White House as leaders of the nation-wide Maker Movement.

Makerspace in Downtown Burlington!

STEAM Junction will provide its members with access to tools, equipment, and a community of creative, talented, and knowledgeable people. Tools range from traditional to 21st century including 3D printers, CNC Routers, Laser Cutters, and 3D Design computers. STEAM Junction will serve as an educational hub for our schools and our students, providing field trips, activities, after-school programs, summer camps, and workshops. STEAM Junction will help others generate wealth in our own community through its store selling locally made and NC Made items and through partnerships and help for those that want to prototype new ideas and launch new manufacturing businesses.

STEAM Junction is the result of a partnership between Ben Harris, Ilsa Spaan, and Danny Oakley, with help and support from many other folks including their friends and families. Over the last five years through Alamance Makers Guild and the Burlington Mini Maker Faire we have met so many talented and creative people, dedicated educators, amazing artists, local leaders, great parents, and amazing local makers.

Please join us!

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