Sprout is Ideal Teaching Tool

STEAM Junction members Chip and Jimmy Thrasher experimenting with the 3D Capture tool on the Sprout.

Technology writer, Forbes Contributor (Makers, Inventors, Small Business) and friend to STEAM Junction, TJ McCue visited with Bennett Harris this summer to talk about the innovative HP Sprout PC being used in the makerspace.

Marketed as a tool for creative education, the computer utilizes touch screen technology on two surfaces, including the Touch Mat that doubles as a second display. 3D scanning and Stop Motion Capture are just two of the functionalities that encourage creativity and learning.

Ben knew that the Sprout would fit well into their new STEAM Junction Makerspace and purchased the Sprout before he even signed a lease on the building. Like me, Ben is often looking at the many different apps and uses for them with the wide range of people who visit or use the space: from K-12 students to adults – all doing creative projects.

Read TJ’s full article at goexplore3d.com: How The HP Sprout Adds Steam To STEAM Junction Makerspace

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