Rules and Safety

STEAM Junction General Rules

  •  Access to tools and equipment is for dues paying members and day-pass holders only.
  •  The store, classroom, and some events are open to non-members.
  •  Some tools and equipment have additional use charges (see pricing information).
  •  Users of the space must complete our Safety and Orientation class prior to any equipment use.
  •  Some tools and equipment require additional training or safety classes prior to use.
  •  Any use of the space must follow to our safety rules.
  •  Access to tools and equipment is first-come first-serve and may be preempted
    by classes or events.
  •  Users are responsible for cleaning up after themselves
    (resetting tools, putting away tools, cleaning up their work area).
  •  Anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
    Minors under the age of 18 may not operate power tools or dangerous equipment
    on their own, or without supervision of a responsible adult who has completed
    safety and use training for that equipment.
  •  Storage of member’s materials at STEAM Junction only by prior arrangement and/or fee.
  •  Always be courteous and respectful of other users of the space.

Safety Rules

  • No Food or Drink allowed around work areas or equipment.
  •  Never operate equipment unless you have been checked out on it (safety training).
  •  If you don’t know what you are doing, ASK, never assume.
  •  Never use power equipment by yourself.
  •  Never attempt to operate equipment if you are impaired for any reason.
  •  Be prepared, think through the task at hand, identify safety issues, have a safety plan.
    •  Always use appropriate safety gear in work areas (whether you are working or not).
    • Wear eye protection: safety glasses with side shields, goggles or face shields.
    • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing around moving or rotating machinery.
    • Tie back or cover long hair to keep it away from moving machinery.
    • Remove ties, jewelry, gloves, etc especially around moving or rotating machinery.
    • No open toe shoes or sandals, footwear must cover the entire foot.
    • Wear gloves, ear protection, and other appropriate safety gear for
      the task you are performing.
  •  No running, horseplay, or intentional distractions in the makerspace.
  •  Keep the makerspace and your work area clean and free from debris or spills.
  •  Never use a dull or damaged tool, report dull or broken tools.
  •  In the event of a serious injury or emergency call 911.