Made at STEAM Junction: Maker Faire Burlington 2019

In spite of torrential rains, flood warnings, and tornado watches, the 8th annual Maker Faire Burlington was a great success!

4,500+ attendees braved the weather on April 13 to join us at Holly Hill Mall. 90 maker exhibits and 300+ exhibitors did hands-on demonstrations of skills, showed off projects, sold items they’ve made, and generally shared and gave back to the larger Maker Community.

Maker Faire Burlington HQ

As a proud sponsor of the event, STEAM Junction Makerspace serves as production headquarters for the local Maker Faire by hosting planning meetings, work sessions and providing storage for stage materials. In other words much of the “stuff” that makes up the Maker Faire is actually made at STEAM Junction!

Alamance Makers Guild Behind the Scenes at STEAM Junction

Alamance Makers Guild (AMG), a 501c3 and the producer of Maker Faire Burlington, with the Guild’s many “Interest Groups,” utilized STEAM Junction’s tools and equipment to help Maker Faire Burlington be possible, as well as for their member’s own exhibit materials.

The MUSE Laser cut & engraved name signs for 90 exhibitors. Signs were cut from recycled cardboard of Girl Scout Cookie Boxes. 3DPM (3D Printing and Modeling Group) created end-caps as stands for these signs that were 3D printed using our Fusion 3 F400 3D Printer (itself made in Greensboro).

The Idea of the Switch. What’s Inside Your Microcontroller?

The AMG Micro Controller Interest Group, headed up by Lee Atkinson, made the most use of STEAM Junction this year. For several weeks before the Faire there was a flurry of activity as this group prepared its exhibit, “Whats inside your NC Micro-controller?” Their exhibit started with the idea of a switch. It explained how transistors work and how they can be switches. Interactive examples demonstrated how transistors can be built into logic gates, explaining digital logic, showing off integrated circuits, and built up to the idea of logic gates, flip-flops, shift registers, and other building blocks, that by their billions and trillions, fill up our modern microprocessors and micro controllers.

The group used the makerspace to build and refine portions of their displays, to create code for Arduinos that drove some of the displays, to solder and wire components, and to meet, discuss, and improve their presentations (thanks in part to the volunteerism of our member Emmette, an educational specialist and former physics instructor).

A Makerspace is a Community Hub for Making Things and So Much More.

STEAM Junction is “more than a makerspace” because it is the hub of a growing Maker Ecosystem here in Alamance County. We connect self-identified makers with those who don’t quite get what the maker movement is about. We work with schools and help start small businesses.

We support the Maker Movement locally through sponsorship of Maker Faire Burlington and other STEM educational events. Production HQ for Maker Faire Burlington is at STEAM Junction. We are home to Alamance Makers Guild and provide social, creative, and technical space for members and for makers, teachers, parents, students, and new small businesses from all over the area.

Planning is in process for Maker Faire Burlington 2020! Stay tuned as we work on a new cycle of Maker Faire planning and production. Follow Maker Faire Burlington to stay in touch.

Join STEAM Junction

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Get Involved!

Sponsors, Exhibitors and Volunteers are needed for 2020.

Help make your organization a leader in the Maker Movement in North Carolina. We are looking for new sponsors for Maker Faire Burlington! If you represent a company, organization, or entity that would like to get involved… contact us!

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