More than a Makerspace, STEAM Junction is located in the heart downtown Burlington, NC.

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  1. Hi – I saw a post about Steam Junction on Facebook. I saw that there’s a sewing activity today. My old (Kenmore) machine died and I have a newer (Singer) machine but I can’t get it going – I read the manual but maybe I don’t have it threaded correctly. Anyway, I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to figure it out. Are your sewing classes designed to help someone like me? Do I need to become a member before signing up for your classes? If it is too late for today’s class, is there a future sewing class that I could sign up for? Thank you so much for your assistance.

  2. Hello Dot, If the class is a Drop-in and Sew class, it would be fine for you to bring in your machine for us to take a look at. Just bring in your manual if you have it. You do not need to be a member to take classes. We have a sewing event coming up, but the date is still in the air. The best thing to do is check the events on our social media site (, or go right to Eventbrite ( and search Steam Junction in Burlington. Hope to see you sometime soon!

  3. Hi I’ve always been interested in glass blowing but there was never anywhere around and I seen an event for your Easter eggs but I caught it too late to get into one of the sessions so I was wondering do you have that all the time if you become a member and how much do the supplies usually cost for that

    1. Yes we do offer the workshop on occassion. Please check out Steam Junction on Eventbrite, to see our class offering.

      The next one (not through Steam Junction, but through Alamance Makers Guild) is going to be at Maker Faire Burlington on April 28. Please come see us there!

      Thank you!
      Ilsa Spaan

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