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Unleash your creativity (and the creativity of our youth) and make something at STEAM Junction. We are a well equipped workshop and lab with tools like CNC Routers, 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Digital Sewing Machines, Vinyl Cutters, Electronics Lab, Woodworking Tools, 3D Scanners, and more. If you can imagine it, we can help you make it into reality.


Adults, older children, and teens can learn new skills, techniques, tools, and ideas through our multipurpose classroom training area. We offer short workshops on specific projects, longer classes on topics like 3D printing or CNC Machining, and entire multi class curriculum on topics like electronics and mechatronics. Classroom works for traditional lecture, collaborative and cooperative learning, and for hands-on learning.


The store at STEAM Junction sells a constantly changing variety of items made by local makers including items made at STEAM Junction, in our community, and by makers across North Carolina. We also offer 3D printer filament, electronic parts, and other raw materials for making as well as educational products for school STEM programs, makerspaces, and hands-on learning environments.

Launch Your Business

Use the resources of STEAM Junction to help start your own business. From engineering help and advice, to rapid prototyping, to short run manufacturing, to connecting you to resources from all parts of the manufacturing process (supply chain to marketing and sales) STEAM Junction can help you with your ideas.


Want to share what you know with others? Do you have a gift for teaching? Have specific skills that you would like to share? Instructors are typically paid through 50/50 profit sharing based upon the revenue generated for their class or workshop. We are interested in instructors in wide variety of subject areas and depending on the topic may provide curriculum or may use YOUR curriculum. Talk to us about becoming a STEAM Junction instructor.


Whether you make things on your own, through your own small local business, or through the facilities of STEAM Junction, we are interested in selling your unique items through our store. Items may be sold on consignment basis (80/20) or through other resale or wholesale agreements. We are interested in everything from one-off items to small production runs. Everything from arts and crafts to technical products. Anything that is made in NC, especially Alamance County.

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